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About Us

We work with traders around the world and show them the way to their financial freedom

PMFX was created with the sole purpose of helping passionate traders to succeed in the FX market by providing very detailed knowledge about Forex.


PMFX was launched by MadMonkey, who started learning and trading forex more than 2 years ago. Ever since he mastered trading in 8 months, he decided to help other fellow traders that seem to have the same struggles as him at the beginning. After helping many traders, he decided to share and expand his knowledge by creating a program and plan of action that will enable anyone willing to learn to be profitable

What Do We Do?

PMFX specializes in helping traders become profitable by having monthly returns between 5-33%.
We are also unique in this industry by teaching profitable traders how to diversify their investment portfolio

Why did you decide to do what you are doing?

PMFX's goal is to keep helping as many traders as possible, even though there is no fast route to success, we do know that knowledge is the key to avoiding mistakes and not delaying our dreams

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